Say Goodbye to Hazardous Trees

We provide total tree removal services in Bandera & Austin, TX

Do you have a dead or diseased tree in your yard? Don't risk damage to your home or landscape by leaving it there. Consult Pannell Co. today about your hazardous tree removal needs. We'll assess your problem tree and determine if removal is the best option for you. If we do decide to remove the tree, we'll work carefully and precisely to ensure your home and landscape remain intact.

Reach out today for dead tree removal services in Bandera & Austin, TX. Speak with an ISA Certified Arborist!

Why remove a tree?

You need some trees in your landscape for shade and scenery, but not all trees need to stay. Pannell Co. suggests professional tree removal when:

  • Your trees are dead or rotted from disease
  • Tree trunks are leaning against homes or other buildings
  • Overgrown roots are damaging your property
  • Invasive Species

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