Get Your Trees Into Shape

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Overgrown trees with heavy branches can pose a serious threat to your property. When you have tree limbs looming over your home or power lines, call Pannell Co. We provide residential and commercial tree trimming services in the Bandera & Austin, TX areas. Our licensed tree trimming experts will use bucket trucks to remove high and heavy limbs without causing damage to the surrounding property.

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More than seasonal pruning

While seasonal pruning is important for long-term tree health, Pannell Co. focuses more on heavy-duty tree limb removal services. We are fully licensed and certified to clear trees from power lines and will take extra precautions when working around your home and roof. With our crew on-site, you won't have to worry about a thing. Pannell Co. provides services from seasonal pruning for long-term tree health to heavy-duty jobs like removals over buildings.

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